Garden & Home

 We planted a garden, Books On Gardening, and a ton of flowers this year. The freeze we had from the never ending winter killed a lot and now i’m wondering about all of this rain. Has anyone  had this same issue, if so how are you handling it?

Utility bucket that is a great way to keep up with your tools.

This is a very unique planter for your patio or any outside area. buy 2 at a time for balance.


Everyone needs a wooden bed for a planter for your garden or flowers or even spices.


Cameras make nice gifts for someone….THIS IS A KILLER SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!


Yes, it is that time of year when the schools and churches and other type clubs start putting on their FESTIVAL EVENTS… They have crafts, which are my favorites, games, and door prize drawings….you will see all of you classmates there and the neighborhood families there, too. It is a blast so join it…  Adventure



The days are shorter and the cool breeze is blowing. I think I feel a touch of Fall in the air. Halloween will be here in the next few weeks and we will be hearing about “It: A Novel” (now that was a scary book and movie.)

Who likes Halloween accept everyone under 15…. Not me, I would rather spend that time reading Room on the Broom or The Treats Truck Baking Book Cookies Brownies & Goodies Galore! The Treats Truck Baking Book or counting squares on the ceiling…..get my point? Just not my thing I guess…. I love the goodies from it and the Fall decor, but just not a fan of the scariest?? I know i m a girl an I don’t like monsters what can I say? Ha!! I will leave that to the kiddos and find me a good book,  Snow White and Rose Red , to read….