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Reading is such an important part of your child’s life. Make it interesting for them with great books that has great meaning to them. With books you can go anywhere and do anything. Enjoy

Emotional trainwreck movies feat. smol bean Nirvana

Quenching the Quill

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As a throwback to tiny me, who managed to lug almost forty books from the library every week (not even kidding, I made full use of my mom and sister’s accounts) some things remain with me to this very day. As in; I still watch and read them.

If I watched these for the first time right now, I’d probably have a very different opinion of them. But these movies aren’t just movies, they’re my childhood. There’s something beautiful about the way your seven year old mind contorts the reality into something more special than it really is. But despite all of that, there are a few things I will tire of because they’re eternal and deserve recognition for life. So here’s six things that I am still in love with.*

*By things, I mean movies. Otherwise this post would be too long to be healthy.

○ Bridge To Terebithia. 

Usually if…

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Happy Halloweenie

imageIt was fun to carve and I made him look very happy… Small marshmallows for teeth triangles for eyes and nose and a big smile to greet everyone with. What will your Jack-o-lantern look like? Put your imagination to work…. Happy Halloweenie 🎃

Making Mushroom Wreaths

imageTo make a Velvet Mushroom Wreath:

Using a ruler and sharp pencil, score a 10” square in the center of your foam sheet. Wax the knife blade with the bar of soap or an old candle, and cut out the center, creating a 2” frame.
2. Cover the square wreath with the burnt orange fabric:

Cut the fabric into three, 3″ wide strips.
Pin and glue one strip to the back of the square wreath, and wrap it around the wreath.
Stretch the strip as you wrap it, so that the ends curl under as you go.
Pin and glue the other end to the back of the wreath.
Repeat with the two additional strips, till wreath is covered.
Corners: Center a fabric strip over the corner as you wrap. Fold over any excess fabric, and pin and glue to the back of the wreath.
3. Cut the mushrooms stems from the leftover, 10” foam square:

Cut out five stems, one each 3¾”, 3″, and 1¾” tall; and two that are 2¼” tall.
Cut away the corners, and press the edges on a tabletop to flatten.
Roll each stem on the tabletop till it’s round.
Roll more firmly near the top edge, so that the stem tapers at the tip.
4. Wrap the stems in the cream fabric and glue the edge. Cut away excess fabric, leaving ½” extra at the top and bottom. Using the scissors or another pointed tool, tuck the excess fabric into the top and bottom of the stem. Add a dab of glue, if needed, to help hold the fabric in place.

DIY Velvet Mushrooms. Beautiful on a Fall Wreath or made as Christmas Ornaments. CraftsnCoffee.com.
You’ll pair each stem with a half ball for the mushroom cap. If I were making these into Christmas ornaments, I’d cover the mushroom cap in red, stretchy fabric.

5. Cut the foam balls in half. Match up each half ball, or mushroom cap, with a stem. Cut a ½” deep hole in the flat side of each half ball to fit the stem.

6. Cover the mushroom caps with fabric:

Cut a circle of fabric large enough to cover the half ball, and add ½” all around.
Gather the fabric around the half ball, pulling fabric snugly to the bottom of the mushroom cap. Glue fabric in place.
7. Glue mushroom stems into the mushroom caps.

8. Arrange and glue mushrooms in place on the wreath. Decorate the wreath with natural materials.

Look at the details on this Fall Wreath with a woodland scene. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.
Add little critters, like ladybugs or a turtle, to introduce a little woodland whimsy.

9. Dip the picture hanger nails in glue, and insert through the hanger into the back of the wreath. Let the glue dry before hanging the wreath.

This is a beautiful woodland wreath for fall! The velvet mushrooms would make cute tree ornaments, too. Tutorial on CraftsnCoffee.com.
These colors are beautiful for fall.