Emotional trainwreck movies feat. smol bean Nirvana

Quenching the Quill

perfect (1)

As a throwback to tiny me, who managed to lug almost forty books from the library every week (not even kidding, I made full use of my mom and sister’s accounts) some things remain with me to this very day. As in; I still watch and read them.

If I watched these for the first time right now, I’d probably have a very different opinion of them. But these movies aren’t just movies, they’re my childhood. There’s something beautiful about the way your seven year old mind contorts the reality into something more special than it really is. But despite all of that, there are a few things I will tire of because they’re eternal and deserve recognition for life. So here’s six things that I am still in love with.*

*By things, I mean movies. Otherwise this post would be too long to be healthy.

○ Bridge To Terebithia. 

Usually if…

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